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Your property can have a spectacular location…great views, gorgeous grounds. Everything is perfect. Except your neighbors!
The problem is that almost any typical “surface” photograph that shows YOUR property, also includes that of your neighbors. If you could only make
them go away!

Now you can! DronesView™ with its exclusive Location Optimization™ process can actually eliminate construction equipment, empty lots, wires, poles even the neighbors!  Any feature that does not allow your property to look its absolute best can be removed from Visuals from DronesView™. Take a look at these examples...


Original DronesView™ Visual
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View™ Visual after Location Optimization

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Drones-View is a local Zihua-based company. We are not a photographic studio…we are first and foremost marketers. Our goal is to use drone technology to help you SELL MORE of whatever it is that you sell.



What we do

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