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Hotels, VRBOs & Restaurants

Where to stay? So many choices. So easy to shop and compare. What determines which property a prospective guest selects? Price…. sure. But with so many hotels in the same price range what else can distinguish one hotel from another. Eye popping VISUALS of the property!

One of the most asked questions by guests: HOW CLOSE ARE YOU TO THE BEACH.   Hmmmmm….so how many ways are there to describe how far a hotel or VRBO is from the beach? Feet? Meters? Blocks? Minutes? Walking? By car? ONE VIUSAL will provide prospective guests with all the information they need….this will be your Money Shot™.

What other features does a property feature?
Intricate pools, water falls, enclosed courtyards, lush gardens, spectacular views, terraced suites each with a plunge pool or hot tub, roof-top bars or elegant palapas.

The good news about these distinctive features is that they are jaw-dropping gorgeous…..the bad news is that they are impossible to photograph….from the surface. But from above……that’s something else! And that “something else” is what makes the difference in one property being a vacation or dining choice as opposed to another.

Stunning visuals from DronesView™ will differentiate your property from all the others and provide THE impetus for shoppers to book YOUR location.



Drones-View is a local Zihua-based company. We are not a photographic studio…we are first and foremost marketers. Our goal is to use drone technology to help you SELL MORE of whatever it is that you sell.

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